What We Provide:We are Durable Medical Equipment Company, and a mobility van Dealer, That sells new and used mobility vans as well as Motorized Scooters, Wheelchairs, stair lifts, grab bars Walkers, Walking Canes, Crutches, and Lift chairs etc. In addition, we are licensed and certified to service all of the above-mentioned products as well as install vehicle lifts, Grab bars, stair lifts and a multitude of other durable medical equipment.

Our company understands that one mobility solution does not fit every situation. We take time to learn about the needs and preferences of our customers in order to tailor our service to fit their needs. We take pride in assisting our customers in achieving the best quality of life possible.

Mission Statement:
Our mission at A&J Mobility Inc. is to be the premier mobility retailer in the U.S—To that end, we commit to: 1—Remain passionately focused on customer value, 2—Assist our clients to achieve the best quality of life possible, 3—Offer our customers the information required to make an informed buying decision, 4—Provide the best quality service and offer the finest mobility products, and 5—Be involved as responsible citizens in our communities.

Our Values:
1.Loyalty-to our customers, to each other and to our community.  2. Integrity-Always do what is right; Treat our customers, as you would like to be treated. 3. Respect-Give our customers and the team the same consideration you would like to be given if the roles were reversed. 4. Reliability-Our customers can depend on us to provide what is needed in a professional and timely manner. 5. The A&J Mobility Brand- Our Team, Our Service, and Our Store are our Brand. We take pride in what we do.